Will. Eric. Pro. April 15 2016

We’re proud to announce that Nottingham’s Will Golding and Leicester’s Eric Thomas are now pro.

Over the last five years, Will and Eric have become two of the UK’s most prolific skateboarders. Releasing a plethora of footage and photos via the good folks at Get Lesta and Sidewalk Magazine.

If you’ve been hiding under a rock and somehow manged to miss their continuous annihilation of the UK’s crustiest terrain. Educate yourself here.

To celebrate Will and Eric turning pro, we teamed up with Get Lesta, Broom skate park and a bunch of Nottingham/Leicester locals to surprise the boys with their new pro boards.

Big thanks to Callun Loomes, Matt Clarke, Sam North, Mike Simons, Jim Spencer, Craig Smedley, Phil Long, Sam McAteer, FortyTwo and The Ledge for helping to make it all happen.

See what went down in the clip and photos below. Filmed and edited by Callun Loomes. Photography by Matt Clarke.

Will Golding and Eric Thomas with their first pro boards.

Will and Eric with each others 'Maps' and 'One Off' pro boards. Available here.


Jim's Pro! Not really.


 Will, Eric and John repping their local cities with the new 'Maps' series. 


Will grinds his nose off the end or the ramp and into the bank.


Eric has Broom dialed. Ollie up krook to fakie every time...


John turned up and put down an awkward front rock.


Mark can do heel flips and rotate his body at the same time. Impressive!


Beer, Skateboarding and Mike Simons. The perfect combination.